EX-DEMO Head Youtek Graphene Speed MP

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The exceptional responsiveness and controllable power of the Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed MP is ideal for intermediate and advanced players. This update to the IG Speed MP is a standard length racquet, unlike the Speed 16x19 it replaces. Constructed with a light yet strong material called Graphene, Head has been able to distribute the weight for greater stability and power. From the baseline the head light balance and open 16x19 string pattern is a recipe for fast swings and heavy spin. Thanks to the lively yet precise feel, baseliners will have confidence dialing up the needed power for aggressive tennis. In addition to being a great baseline stick, the Graphene Speed MP delivers solid performance at net.

Pattern: 16x19
Balance: 2 pts HL
Unstrung Weight: 300gLength: 27"
Strung Weight 311.84g
Head Size: 100"