Babolat RPM Team String - 12m Set

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RPM Team provides outstanding durability, spin and control to advanced players with long, fast strokes Babolat injects air bubbles into the core, which is meant to give it a slightly softer feel than RPM Blast. Our playtesters found this one to play quite firm, which makes this most suitable to big hitters with sound mechanics. Our stronger 5.0 + playtesters discovered a very high level of precision on their highest swing speeds. The coating on this string makes it easier for the main strings to deflect (absorb energy) and then return to their original position (snapback) with greater force. This means that players who bring their own power will find their efforts multiplied with explosive pop and spin.

• Length: 40 feet / 12.2m
• Gauge: 16 / 1.30mm
• Composition: Extruded monofilament with an octagonal profile